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Backpack is one of the items that continue to be used from Earth. After hundreds of years of iterations and upgrades, the backpack has become what it is today, in which items placed in the backpack are displayed in a pattern and occupy only 1 compartment of the backpack. So far, the backpack can hold up to 36 items.

Level 1 Backpack Capacity:9 cells

Level 2 Backpack Capacity:18 cells

Level 3 Backpack Capacity:27 cells

Level 4 backpack (MAX) capacity: 36 cells

Each item you pick up will take up a cell of space in your backpack (you can upgrade your backpack at the base to get more capacity)

Magazines will not take up space in the backpack, and items in the backpack will not be lost after death and will always be there.

Picking up materials