The third update is complete!
Published Date: 2022-07-18

We've added and improved the following sections based on the feedback we received from players.

1. Added "Korean" support and some missing subtitles (we will continue to improve in future versions).

2. Optimized the default gun Angle and distance, and at the same time new gun position, Angle custom function.

3. Optimized the default "smooth turn" speed of the right joystick, and added custom speed and Angle functions.

4. Added "infiltrator" and "overseer" skill gameplay, you can experience the new combat mode of stealth stealth and penetrating through the wall (need to complete the unlock);

5. Fixed all missing scene collision that caused the player to fall out of the void outside the scene.

6. Optimized Weapon targeting, enemy types, NPC animation types, interactive UI, and more.

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