Update Announcement - Version 1.0.7
Published Date: 2022-10-21

Hello Space Wanderers,

After months and weeks’ hard work, a new patch will be released for Wandering In Space on October 20th! Thanks for all your patience and we can’t wait to update you all the ins and outs of of the space station.  

New Weapons

Added a new weapon — Revolver with "ricocheting bullets".

Unlock it in the manufacturing center.

When hitting a enemy, the bullets ricochet between enemies in a small area.

Added a new melee weapon --- electric blade

To activate the weapon: hold the left grip button to enter standby mode, hold the left trigger to pop out the Electric Blade.

After activated, the weapon would send off a strong electric current, does damage over time and paralyze enemies.

Release either buttons to deactivate the weapon.

New Gameplay & Map

Added two new floor maps: Warehouse Area B and Hospital Area B. Welcome to explore new unknown areas.

The Weapon Buff Rooms are unlocked now. An automatic upgrade BUFF machine is also added in the safe house, enjoy more as you explore the new features.  

The option to save file and return to the base is available in the safe house; however, the game        

progress will be automatically saved after the player reaches the safe house.

After death, the player can continue the challenge from the safe house in the same floor or  return to the base level.

Added a BUFF room on each floor which will appear randomly as the player explores the space. The BUFF room will be one of the following types: Supply Room, Materiel Disintegration Room, Weapon Buff Room and a room with an auto-upgrade BUFF machine.

Fixed the layout of base facilities and expanded the overall base area.

New UI

Added the player ranking system. Players can instantaneously check the global player data.

Added new UI for tutorials and tips.

Added the display for enemy's blood, which can be activated in the setting.

New Function

Added support for NVIDIA DLSS. Players can enable the options on the control panel settings.

Bug Fixes

Improved the operating feel of some weapons, make them smoother to use.

Fixed enemy spawn location. Enemies will no longer be spawned from a fixed spot.

As usual, huge thanks to all our space wanderers! We are grateful for your feedback and suggestions! Stay tuned for more updates and we ain't stopping our steps!

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