Latest 1.0.7 Patch Note
Published Date: 2022-12-21

Hello my fellow space wanderers,

It's been a while since we had major updates last time. As some of you might know, the PVE &PVP production is going full speed ahead. While we are occupied in delivering new contents, it is also our priority to make sure all the current feedback and suggestions are properly addressed.

If you are new to the space, feel like to provide any feedback or just want to chill, please Join us on Discord! Our community has been growing and new bloods are always welcomed, especially for the upcoming PVE mode.

New Content

A tutorial is added to the demo,

The initial state of the weapon is upgraded by 50% to provide beginners with better combat experiences.


General UI interface

The aiming circle is expanded and a crosshair is added for assistance;

Game setting has been optimized: the selected status will no longer show "turn on/off", Once the corresponding option is selected, the selection box will turn green.

Snap turning and smooth turning function has been optimized.

The arrow color is changed to be more noticeable, especially for the elevator.

The dialogue from AI has been optimized.

In the upgrade center, backpack upgrade label is changed from "auxiliary upgrade" to "backpack upgrade".

Changed magazines color to "white".

Added status UI to the teaching level panel.

Game Art

The scene texture is optimized to avoid potential mapping issues.

Adjusted scene exposure

Weakened burst effect after killing enemies, plasma colour changed to dark red.

Weapon and Buff System

The crosshair front sight of revolver is optimized for better aiming.

When the invisibility skill (infiltrator) is activated, the weapon with hand would also be invisible.

Infiltrator skill consumption increased by 30%.

Optimized the BUFF system UI

All the buffs have been classified to "common", "rare" and "epic" with corresponding colors to indicate their values.

Optimized the description with its buff name

Adjusted BUFF display clarity.

Optimized the buff "twice the rewards" so it the buff takes effect immediately after being selected.

Reinforcement machine UI changed from "X 15%" to "+15%"

Adjusted BUFF UI display, now only shows icons and doubles the size of the icons.


Reduced the level difficulty when entering the 3rd floor by reducing high-level enemies, however the numbers of enemies remain unchanged.

Enemy distance adjustment after resurrection.

Reading messages is no longer required in order to proceed.

The default backpack capacity has been increased from 1 page to 2 pages.

20% more ammunition resupply for the 5th floor museum.

50% more blood for training targets in the training range and tutorial.

Bug Fixes

Fixed UAV killer model display failure.

Fixed the issue when activating the invisibility skill, the left-hand remains visible.

Fixed the issue of unable to proceed the commander messages after clearing the level for the first time.

Fixed the predetor skill failure caused by inadequet operation.

Fixed the loading of enemy textures to ensure better combat experiences.

That's all! We hope you enjoy the update and game demo. More info around PVE alpha test would come soon!

Wandering In Space Team

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