MOONSEER VR-‘Wandering In Space’ won the AWE Asia 2022 AUGGIE Award
Published Date: 2022-08-29

AWE Asia 2022 has just ended in Shanghai. Many XR teams from all over the world came together in AWE Asia. As the metaverse concept continuing to be the rage, the competition for getting 2022 Auggie Awards became fierce. More than 80 global top XR technology, content and hardware companies competed for three awards.

Finally, MOONSEER VR won the Auggaie Award for Best Content Creation for 'Wandering In Space'

Ryan, Vice President of AWE Asia, said, 'Wandering Space' is one of the outstanding game among several domestic VR games in recent years. It will raise players' awareness and confidence for domestic VR market.

Meanwhile, 'Wandering Space' VR competition has also sucessfully been held by MOONSEER, AWE Asia and sponsor Pimax. Linmu, a 18 years' old young player, won the first and got Pimax Crystal.

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