Happy Thanksgiving Sale! Sales, Events and Giveaways
Published Date: 2022-11-23

Dear Space Wanderers,

How time flies.

Ever since our initial release in the summer, we’ve received lots of supports and encouragement. Constantly motivated by our players, our team has worked assiduously in optimization as well as developing new contents, making our game one of the most frequently updated single-player VR games. Approaching the time of Thanksgiving, we wish to share our gratitude to you and spread our games to the bigger world as the PVE game mode will be released soon.  

A Genuine Appreciation For ALL

Starting November 22nd @PT 10am to November 29th, save 30% on the Wandering In Space before the upcoming PVE game mode!

Free Demo, Unlimited Play

Want to get a taste of the game first? We heard you. A free demo is available for download now in the steam store https://store.steampowered.com/app/1971770. In this demo, all 7 weapons will be unlocked with 3 levels and 4 maps for you to explore!

Liv Support is Live

While we noticed the numbers of content creators in our community are growing, to help make the streaming process better and to create high-quality VR content, our game is now officially LIV supported.

Community Events and Giveaways

Throughout these few months we have enjoyed chatting with our players and hanging out in the Discord hub. To share our appreciation, two community events will happen in the discord https://discord.gg/2frVXpSP55 Join us for giveaways and more!

Race to Invite


During the time of sale (November 22 to November 29), any discord users could generate their invite links to our server “Wandering In Space”, and our server bot will help count the numbers.

Simply share the link with those interested in our game, the rest is on us!


During the event, the top three inviters with the most invitations will receive Steam gift cards from us! Time to shopping!!

During the event, for any newcomers to the community, every fifth arrived will receive a copy of our game for free!!!

For the rest of the inviters, regardless of the numbers you have invited, will receive our special roles in the discord group!!

Weapon Seminar


Quite many players are excited to try all the weapons that have been unlocked in the demo, we are too!!! To get everyone more involved, we are hosting a weapon seminar in the discord events.

Simply fill out the questionnaire about weapons and tell us your ideas of space weapons, the steam cards, and special roles will be yours.


Two lucky participants will be randomly drawn to receive steam gift cards!!!

All the other participants of the weapon seminar will get special roles on the server! Maybe it is you, Weapon Master?  

That's a lot to go through isn't it? As usual, thank you for being a part of our journey this year, we won’t be where we are today without you!  Happy Holiday and enjoy your time in the space, and in every world.  

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