Quarterly Retrospect & Prospect -- A Letter to Our Players
Published Date: 2022-11-08

Dear Space Wanderers,

Since the release of the WIS EA version in June, many players have shown interest and support through comments, suggestions and bug reporting. We are truly grateful for everything as all of the messages are valuable assets to our development team. Your participation and anticipation reassured us, empowered us and encouraged us to continue. We will keep improving the game and adding more content in the future, as we hope to share the growth of "Wandering Space" with you.

For our players who have joined the community and for new players who just started, we want to go over the development process during this quarter and clarify some of the problems you might have encountered. In the end, we want to share our future plans, stay tuned!

In the last four months, we have fixed these issues and here are a few to list:

1.For some players, weapons couldn’t be correctly placed and dropped during the prologue.

2.The weapon offset setting is unstable after adjustment.

3.Backpack capacity failed to adjust after the backpack was emptied.

4.Glitches when switching between walking and teleportation.

5.For some players, the infiltrator's skill (invisibility) failed to respond during the attack.

We also take your feedback seriously and have optimized several areas:

1.Operation feel: we have optimized the firearm’s holding angle, recoil, and bead sight to further improve weapon use.

2.Game setting: we have added options for you to adjust the sound, and to switch between walking and teleportation.

3.Animation and UI: we have optimized the tutorial UI and NPC animation, and we fixed language misplacement issues.

4.Dialogue skip option: we have added a fast skip and close option for players to skip dialogues.

We have added more contents to enrich the gaming experiences:

1.7 maps and 6 levels of the space station are completed for a better roguelite experience and the overall layout of the base is also expanded.

2.More weapons are added to the arsenal and now 7 different weapons for players to choose.

3.A variety of enemies with different skills are added to the level and their spawn locations are randomized to ensure the challenges feel different each time.

4.Safe house system is added after completing each level to provide enough replenishments.

5.A random safe house is added in each level to enhance the roguelite gameplay.  

6.A “one-click” auto-recycle function is added to the “space-time” backpack.

7.The player ranking system is added in game to instantaneously check the global player data.

In the meantime, our developers are working diligently to fix these bugs:

1.Archive missing and failed to respond (if you encountered the issue, DM our community manager through discord or post in steam discussion, we will get back to you soon).

2.Parts of the Revolver upgrade page are missing.

3.Game setting failed to respond to some players.

4.The global player ranking data is not consistent with the in game kill count UI.

5.The malfunction of radar system in level 4 which caused problems to proceed for some players.

We are always happy to devote our time in optimization, and these are what we are working on:

1.Optimizing the combat effects of weapons, such as EM bow and Electric Blade.

2.Adding stocks for EM Rifles.

3.Adding physical collisions for realistic weapon use.

4.Improving the effect after each kill, including head shot and special effects for each enemy defeated.

5.Optimizing enemy animation to ensure a more natural performance.

6.Prologue experiences: adding a tutorial for “space-time” backpack.

Lastly, here is a list of things we hope to accomplish in the next quarter:

1.Release a free demo version.

2.Launch the new PVE game mode.

3.Adaptation to B-HAPTICS and provide LIV support.

4.Finish the design of three armor suits for characters (Infiltrator, Overseer and Predator) .

5.Continue optimization process, especially sound effects, combat effects, game setting to ensure a more smooth gaming experience.

While we understand everyone is looking forward to the full release (bye EA version) as soon as possible, we hope to keep providing the current players better contents. Thank you for all your support and patiences, and we will continue surprising you with new experiences. Don’t hesitate to keep commenting and communicating with us, as we strive to turn the impossible into possible, to make sci-fi a reality.

For new comers, here is a link to our community https://discord.gg/2frVXpSP55, whatever you need, we are here.

The Wandering In Space Team

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