Free Demo For WIS Is Available Now!
Published Date: 2022-11-21

Hello, dear space wanderers and followers!


Yes, the one you've been asking for has finally arrived --- The free demo of Wandering In Space is available now in Steam. Welcome to the new world and get ready for an extraordinary space journey.

Unlimited Experiences

What’s even special about this demo is it unlocks ALL THE WEAPONS for you to use: Electric Blade, EM Pistol, EM Rifle, Shotgun, EM Bow, Revolver, Laser Beam...And you can freely upgrade the weapons, armor, and backpack as you wish.

Four levels will be available for you to fight and explore without any time limit...

Explore all the combat possibilities through strategic matching of weapons and buff system...

The full support by Liv allows all content creators to produce high-quality VR content!  

Early Access Experiences

While the demo is already open to you all, the early access version grants you more:

The global player ranking system is available in EA. Join the battle and pick up the fight with players around the globe.

Various character skills will enhance your game experiences: penetration vision, time reduction, and invisibility power..... The stage is yours.

All 7 maps and 6 levels of the space station provide you the complete roguelite experiences:

Encounters with a variety of enemies: not just the mutants and cyborgs, but the spider drone, the giant, the flamethrower, the frostbite soldier, the armored soldiers, or...the invisible soldiers...

A complete exploration of the story and what’s behind the space monsters' rampage...

Unique power-off gameplay for a more thrilling experience: you can only utilize the flashlight and footsteps!

PVE and PVP modes will be available in the near future!    

We are never stopping to surprise you and we strive to provide the best experiences to our players. While we know the game still needs polishing and more content, we sincerely hope you can stay with us and watch us grow. Join our discord community for more news and chances to talk directly with our devs.

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