Horror night in Space: Join our Zombie Parade
Published Date: 2022-10-25


In celebration of Halloween as well as Wandering In Space’s newest update, our space crew invites all space wanderers to participate in the newest space zombie parade together and join a series of fun and spooky events (with special offer) this week.


Now is your chance to rediscover the space station and spend the Halloween with space monsters. For a limited time, save on the newest version of Wandering In Space from October 25th, 2022 @ 10 am PDT to November 1st, 2022 @ 10 am PDT during the Steam Halloween Sale!


To celebrate one of our favorite holidays (we love all the human holidays) and encourage more horror encounters, we organized two events exclusively for our fellow space wanderers in the Discord community.


From 25th October 2022 to 10:00AM 1st November 2022 (UTC+8)

How to participate:

Join our discord community: https://discord.gg/wanderinginspace.

Update our newest build and start your zombie hunting adventure, record the process!

Post the coolest clips/gifs/screenshots you made (we love to see creativeness and all the awesomeness in our community) in the special event channel and share it with us!

Share some love to other players by commenting or like or leaving an emoji.

The content creator who gets the most likes/comments will be rewarded a Steam gift card (more games, more fun!) and all participants will get a special pumpkin badge displayed by their names and enter our WIS Hall of Fame.  

Space Check-In with Pimax

To celebrate our partnership with Pimax store we invite all our community friends to participate in a space check-in event.

Rule is simple: Update to our newest version and look carefully in the base area. An item that represents Pimax is displayed in the scene. Take a screenshot with the item and post in our event channel to enter a lottery pool for free steam cards!

In addition, we are offering everyone a Pimax store coupon of varying values as long as you participate! Hooray!!!


Surprise surprise! During the event period, there will be Halloween decorations in the space station...I already found some hollow pumpkins on the ground...well, the zombies and monsters seem to enjoy the decoration ;))


As some of you probably know, the disturbance and violence on space station can be traced back to a biochemical outbreak that wreaked havoc on earth hundreds of years ago. A variety of virus gestated and leaked from the military science laboratory led to a series of irreversible events. Survivors who were lucky enough to escape to the space station gradually divided into two factions, the Colonists and the Resurrectionist. Eventually, armed conflicts broke out between the two. As the remaining survivors in the conflict, we, the space wanderers are the last hope of humanity.  

Recently, we also recovered some research notes of a historian on board and wish to share it with you, hopefully we can discover the truth behind our enemies and fight our way out together...

The Mutant:

The hideous looking monsters are the most “ordinary” zombies on the space station, sadly --- they are also the descendants of the people who were infected after the biochemical disaster. These mutants are what we called “in the late stages of infection”, not only have their appearance and physiology completely mutated from a normal human being, but they are also extremely aggressive. Luckily, compared with other zombies, they are the easiest to deal with—they possess no distinguish offensive or defensive abilities. Shooting at them with something as simple as a revolver can guarantee to kill.

How they boarded the space station and why they wandered in here remains a mystery.

The Cyborg

The failed product of United Earth Government in the past 100 years, the cyborg was created to extend human lifespan with artificial augmented organs, but unfortunately the failed experiment turned these half human half machine creatures into canon fodders of war. They are mostly used as training targets, sometimes military forces.

They generally wander around aimlessly, but for some reason, they've inherited signs of aggression -- which are common in a hostile environment. You better not bump into them when you're unarmed.

The Reinforced Cyborg

Another terrifying experimental attempt by the United Earth Military Lab. The scientists modified the mutants (or just humans?) with biochemical agents and implanted mechanical body parts to enhance their physical strength. They are protected with layers of steel and are the elite fighting force of the army.

There are two main types of reinforced cyborg: "Steel Spikes" with steel spikes and nails embedded in their backs and "Cannon Claws" with firearms mounted on their forearms. Compared with ordinary mutants, they can inflict a lot more damage and are harder to kill, they are a real nightmare to fight.

Killer UAV & Spider Drone

As an important part of military assistant force, Killer UAV and Spider Drone undertake main tasks including patrolling, combat support, and unit reconnaissance. Killer UAV usually attacks proactively and temporarily retreats if being attacked. It constantly looks for the opportunity to blow its target up with artillery strikes and poses a greater threat to our human existence. Due to its larger size and cumbersome movements, Spider Drone on the other hand is not as flexible as the former.

All I know about the Killer UAV is: THEY ARE TOUGH. They can easily discover targets and quickly reinforce armored soldiers with high mobility. The Spider Drones are heavily armored and their attacks cause real pain. You have to be extra cautious when you see them.  

Bomber Zombie & The Giant

It seems the Colonists conducted further experiments on the cyborg and created suicidal biochemical forces --- the Giant and the Bomber Zombie. Both variations are mutant cyborgs with a height of 3 meters. Wielding absolute power, they can cut through our line of defense like cutting butter with a hot knife.

You should constantly be on high alert for the Bomber Zombie. Once identifying the target, it will track them down and consistently release poison gas on its tracks until the target is eliminated. You got to keep your distance with this big guy, as it doesn’t mind wiping out its target by blowing itself up, leaving a cloud of poison gas after being attacked.  

The Specialists (Flamethrower, Frostbite Soldier, Poison-gas Soldier)

The specialists are known for their lethality, different from armored soldiers, this group of felons who love to kill has been biochemically altered and is equipped with extremely dangerous weapons. They specialize in committing war crimes like spreading viruses, destroying sites, bombing, and mass murdering... making them the ultimate executioners in space.

Once the poison-gas soldier locks on a target, it will spray poison gas constantly. You might briefly lose vision from the gas floating nearby or caught in the blast when the gas tank explodes.

The Flamethrower attacks with bursts of flame. The closer you are to them, the crisper you’ll be. Avoid being in close vicinity with them during firefights, they will explode once they’re killed.

Frostbite Soldiers use nitrogen spray guns that immediately freezes their target. Your movement will be slowed by the residual nitrogen they sprayed on the ground. A steady stream of bullets would kill him, but be careful, their nitrogen tanks would explode and making your escape ten times slower.

Armored Soldier -- monsters? humans?

The armored soldiers are humans, the most cold-blooded type. They are the space base's permanent combat force, consisting of frontline human soldiers with advanced equipment. Under normal circumstances, they generally perform tasks such as patrolling, base guarding, and escorting. Among them, the "infiltrators" are a very small number of elites with lethal combat capabilities who only show up in crucial missions.

During the rebellion, the Colonists started dispatching elites of their forces, dwindling our chance of survival day by day.

Once locking on their targets, they will show no mercy. They are experienced combat specialists and are not to be underestimated no matter the situation. They are the masters of war and avant-garde in the killing arts, use everything you have on your disposal against them, or try to survive their onslaught.

The Invisible*

There are no recorded imagery for this one, as it remains invisible most of the time. So far, only a handful of people who made contact with them made it back to our base alive.

I am not sure if they are humans or some sort of alien creatures. They stay invisible most of the time and only reveal themselves occasionally. Use the sound of their footsteps to locate them. Avoiding and dodging them is recommended for most encounters. If you want to kill them, you’ll have to implement some special skills--- like the “infiltrator skill”--- the skill that also made us invisible.

Here are all our records, hope they help in the monster hunt!

See you in space!

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