To Our Community: A New Year Roadmap
Published Date: 2023-02-24

Dear fellow space wanderers,

Thank you for all your patience! It has been a while since our last update and here is some great news for the new year!

Many of you probably know we have been working on multiplayer PvE for a while and lots of you have expressed interest which we are grateful for. The good news is we are already testing our server and it won’t take too long before the alpha test! Join our discord group to pair up with your fellow teammates.

In the meanwhile, we are also working on the remake of the single-player version (Early Access) on Steam. After the initial release, this version has grown so much with everyone’s help: we adopted most of your suggestions and feedback and optimized our player experiences, especially item interaction. The hope is to deliver the full version as soon as possible and to bring more fun experiences to you all.

The full release will include a completely standalone version (single-player) with a separate multiplayer PvE & PvP. Our developers have been working diligently and we’d love to share what we are working on now:

Adding full left-handed support.

Adding new gameplay such as random missions on each floor: time challenge or combat skill challenge.

Adding a reward center on each floor for players to get extra rewards after completing challenges.

Adding a new global player ranking to simultaneously check personal data or global player data.

Adding lockers and locker search functions to get more crafting materials.

Adding haptic feedback when interacting with the weapon

Optimizing enemy kill difficulty (the default HP will increase by 50%)

Optimizing game enemy AI.

Optimizing damage feedback, especially for the headshot.

Modeling and animation rigging for the “Wayfarer” Exo-armor suit.

For a multiplayer game, we are developing a variety of multiplayer collaboration gameplay:

survival mode

clearance mode

convoy mode

tower-defense mode

For those who are new to our game and who haven’t come back to our game since the early release, we want to summarize the changes that have been made:

Finished the development of Early Access as well as a free demo.

Added a mandatory tutorial at the beginning of the game.

Completed 6 level maps.

Finished the development of combat and weapon systems which included 6 firearms and 1 melee weapon.

Added a variety of enemies with different skills.

Added an armor upgrade system for future armor customization.

Added 3 types of character skills: Infiltrator, Predator, and Overseer

Added a backpack system to collect 6 kinds of raw materials, including 2 rare materials.

Finished a level system with random BUFF reward in each level, safe room rewards selection, and blackout mode.

Finished the concept art for exo suit armor.

This year we also have way more things on the list and we can’t wait to share them with you:

We will work closely with Pico and PSVR to release our game on their platform.

We will add LIV support to provide better streaming experiences for content creators.

We will support multiple archives in the standalone version.

We will add new skill chips as well as a new character "Defender", who can summon drones to scout and attack the enemy from a long distance or to summon machine gun towers to build a defensive front in situ.

We will add 4 new armor suits for each character: Infiltrator, Overseer, Predator, and Defender

We will update the story of "Garden of Eden".

We will add a new game mode: "Homeland" which allows the players to travel back and forth between space and earth and build their own “home” in space.

We will add new gameplay such as assisting the reinforcements by destroying the anti-aircraft turrets in the area; or providing 3D print AI bodies using cell materials.

We will add survival gameplay such as growing crops, synthesizing water, taking in survivors, manufacturing weapons and equipment, etc

We will add more open-world exploration can imagine.

We always have lots of ideas and you might be surprised by what we are capable of. We truly appreciate all your support and we welcome any feedback and suggestions. If you like to follow our daily development news, please check our Twitter account: @WanderingInSpa1, or check our other social media platforms:

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