Pimax and Wandering In Space joint operation case shared
Published Date: 2022-12-29

The question of how to reach a wide audience as soon as a game goes live has become a particular concern for many indie developers. With the explosive growth of VR games and hundreds of new titles coming online every day, how to stand out and have a chance to be played has become a primary concern for many developers in their marketing operations.

Pimax Developer Incentive Program includes a full range of online and offline publicity resources. After the release of the programe, it has received positive responses from more than hundreds of developers. It is hoped that through joint operation, more abundant and three-dimensional publicity and promotion can be obtained. Among them, this year's new VR sci-fi masterpiece: Wandering In Space has gained a number of loyal users in the joint operation.

Wandering In Space is a FPS VR game created by MOONSEER GAMES, which combines RPG and Roguelite elements. And the team showed a strong sense of operation. In the Halloween activity, Wandering In Space implanted Pimax’s elements. Players went through the levels to search for Pimax logo and won exclusive Pimax rewards after success.

Pimax will not only release game activities on the official we-media, official website and other channels, but also encourage developers to directly create an account in OpenMR, the exclusive community for VR players, to interact with players directly and listen to the front-line feedback.

The joint Halloween event between Wandering In Space and Pimax laid a great foundation for publicity during the new period of the game, during which at least 200 users played the game through the campaign and generated a heated and positive discussion within the Wandering In Space community.

Selina, the creator of Wandering In Space, said: The high performance of the Pimax headset can show the picture of game incisively and vividly, and the target groups of both sides are also very similar. This joint activity has brought the effect of 1+1 greater than 2 for the brand and promotion of both sides, which makes us more adhere to the mode of integrated operation, dig the points in line with user preferences, and bring more interesting operation activities.

Pimax recently officially announced the launch of Content Incentive Program For Indie Developers, providing the most open and inclusive content ecosystem for VR developers around the world, attracting more developers to join Pimax ecosystem and create a more diverse VR world.

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