Spring Welcome Back! Sale, Online Coop Wishlisting and Open Alpha Sign Up!
Published Date: 2023-03-17

"The breath of the winter faints, spring awakening in the space.

Sprouts in the Garden of Eden, blinking to the starry heaven.

Time to wake up our soldier, the journey shall start again."

--- a poet from the Earth, 2000 years ago

Hope you have a lovely springtime after a long cold winter. We can't wait to greet our old friends and say hi to the new faces. Everything is changing swiftly, like the old saying: a day in heaven, a year on earth -- although it was not too long ago before the Christmas sale, we have accomplished so much: after the last patch, we already developed the major contents of multiplayer COOP PVE and we are preparing on the server testing soon.

A Welcome Gift For ALL

Now is a good time to get our game before the upcoming multiplayer version! Starting March 16th@PT 10 am to March 23rd, save 30% on the Wandering In Space EA and get ready for the pve battle! This EA version will include the full release of single-player as well as special armor sets, new maps, and levels. More content will be available in the future, only through this version of Wandering In Space.

Wishlisting Time

Another great news: wandering in space multiplayer coop is now ready for wishlisting on steam. Go to check the new game modes (assault mode, convoy mode, survival mode) and to play as soon as it is released! Have we mentioned this version is completely FREE?

Follow official twitter account to win free keys of the single player version and Invite your friends to join our discord community to participate in more giveaway events!

Open Alpha Playtest Sign Up

The time is near! We sincerely invite our players to join the open alpha test coming in a few weeks. It is our first time working on a multiplayer online coop game, we are open to feedback and suggestions. While our developers working diligently and trying to solve issues, we hope to get more ideas from our community and to co-improve this game. If you are interested in joining the open alpha, go to our discord channel and sign up under “ongoing-event”- PVE test. We will notify you when the build is ready!

Okay, that’s all I have to deliver. Thank you for your consistent support and hope to see you in our multiplayer game soon! Let me know if you need someone to play the game with;p I am always looking for teammates!

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