Get into the Holiday with Winter Surprise!
Published Date: 2022-12-23

Hello space wanderers!

Hope you have a blast end of the year! The holidays are quickly approaching and we have some surprises for you. Join us and celebrate the season with the best game deal and chances to join the PVE alpha test!

As you probably know, our dev team has been working hard to push the PvE and PvP mode. Before any of the multiplayers gameplay come into place, we always look forward to more players joining us and fighting side by side in battle! For a limited time during the winter sale (December 22, 2022 - January 5, 2023), getting 40% off "Wandering In Space" EA version to include PvE and PvP update in the future! This is the best deal since the game's launch, don't miss the opportunity!

Winter Surprise

Surprise surprise! PvE alpha test is coming soon! We know some of you have been waiting for it and we hear you. In order to better test the server during multiplayers gameplay, we sincerely invite our fans and community supporters to join our alpha test! During the winter holiday, we will announce the participation method in our discord community:

Join us to be among the first of internal testers and enjoy the exlusive opportunities to play with others from the community. Hopefully we will see you in this round! Since the numbers of testers are limited, for anyone who has expressed interests but didn't get to play, we will give priority notification in the next round of testing in the spring.

Thank you for your support and love. Our game couldn't be better without you all. Don't hesistate to give us any feedback or suggestions, the more the merrier!

May happiness and peace surround us all! Also wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

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