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Basic role



The Earth has been severely damaged because of the war hunderds of years ago. In the virus-ridden environment, the space station became the only shelter for the survivors, but the long-standing differences divided the survivors into two factions: the "Returnees" and "Rebuilders". Eventually, the war between the two factions broke out again ....

As the sole survivor of this devastating war, you awaken from the wreckage of war. You have lost your memory but need to survive in a world full of strange creatures. And you need to use resources such as oxygen tanks to extend your survival and upgrade your armory by collecting space materials...

It is an uncompromising battle and a challenge to survive in the unknown. After countless deaths and resurrections you must remain awake and alert! You are the only survivor who can reveal the secrets of this world, the last hope of human society! Go fighting! To conquer your inner fear, darkness and everything!

Armor Description

HP: 600 (Basic)

Oxygen: 1000 (Basic)

Energy: 200 (Basic)

Defense: 5% (Basic)

Movement speed: 400 (Basic)